STRANGE ATTRACTOR is constructed on the premise of baroque as an operative function: of recycling and weaving, of emergent ornament despite lack of fixed position. Archive-as-organism, distortion-as-necessity. Is it substance or is it decoration? Is it bone or is it flesh?

Reality is negotiated. And it is perceived and ordered through bodies that age and decay. Linear life cycles stuffed into nonlinear structures presents a clash of logic. Only certain bodies fit. The internet intensifies these material and conceptual negotiations, but also liberates us from the confines of the body. Digital, supra-physical connectivity stretches, extends. It creates possibility for entangled time and space, for multiplicity, for slippage and impurity.

A fold, a hack, a contaminated, deterritorialized subjectivity becomes flows, bends, curves, choreography.

The rectangular logic of online/offline reality organizes signs and desire, symbols and translation, language and power. However thick the lines of the grid – windows – beds – screens – city blocks – smartphones – headstones – books – bricks – there is always potential for intimate exchange in the rupture. The keyboard molds to my fingers, the membrane interprets my voice and externalizes the ideas/thoughts/images/questions that are held within my body, which seeks connection. Patchwork labyrinth, polyphonic sound, dispersing of physical space. Sometimes hybrid reality is the only reality.




Shelley Odradek: Strange Attractor
November 18-20, 2022
Foksal Gallery (Warsaw, PL)
Curator: Martyna Stołpiec

exhibition documentation by Michał Rybacki with contributions from Marta Bogdańska, Katie Zazenski, + Thatcher Anderson

Collaborators: Jarek Lustych, Julia Bamber, Yeti Yeti, Marcos Burgos Palomares, Olga Mysłowska, Marius Ritual, Paweł Milewski, ShangYunWu, Nicola Fumo Frattegiani, Marta Bogdańska, Rafael, Ingeborga Janikowska-Lipszyc, XueWu Zheng, Sebastian Winkler, Miles T, Carlos Casas, maria her, alexa dexa, Robert B. Lisek, Martini Stołpiec, Aga Pokrywka, Viktor Witkowski, Agata Kurzyk, Ana Vostruchovaite, LeRoy Stevens, Megi Malinowsky, Josh Plough, Jon Burrier, Reb Green, Katie Zazenski, Tonatiuh López, Vince Mountain, Amélie Laurence Fortin, Ewa Hubar, R. Scott Purcell, Linda Lach, Erik Spangler, Aleksandra Jankowiak, Living Archive, Dorota Kotas, Anna Zaradny, Daria Baiocchi, Cura, Józefina Ściółka, Stanisław Welbel, Sulkdrugs, Al Williams, Brandon Vasquez, Edka Jarząb, Joy Li, Ruby Jin, Chuyue Yu, Filip Niemczyk, Anita Bhardwaj, Karolina Jastrzębska

© Shelley Odradek