We are a strategy, an experiment in identity and embodiment. Manifested through a need to explore the future of intimacy, in consideration of life behind a screen, of love from a distance. She grows and is shaped by the continually changing external forces with which she interacts, the z-axis in an x and y frame. It is a constant negotiation of the screen, of experiencing images and information and identity in these spaces. They are an attempt to re-dimensionalize; a strategy for curiosity and generosity and for flexible and resilient connection, through this notion that a person is not a discrete singularity but rather an idea, a linked node, a liminality, a metamorphosis.

My background is in architecture, psychoanalysis, contemporary art, border-crossing and community-building. We reflect on both new and perennial questions that revolve around the structures of contemporary life that we employ personally, collectively, publicly and privately, and how we perform them. Through this, they explore the notion of becoming; the idea that all structures exist on a scale of entropy and renewal and growth. That we are of one fabr(ic)(yk), and that we can exist in a spectrum, spectrally, that the binary can be replanted and nurtured back into its fuller form.

In October 2020, Katie Zazenski and Ola Andrzejewska were invited as artists-in-residence to participate in the residency "Re–Directing: East x Empathic Pedagogies: Future Intimacies" at the Center for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, Poland. Shelley Odradek emerged from this constellation.

Since December 2022, Shelley Odradek has been navigated by Katie Zazenski

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